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Our Services

In-House NX, V5, and Solidworks CAD Support

As your CAD services partner, we offer you:

  • A highly trained, experienced and permanently employed North American team that acts as a strategic extension of your organization.

  • Industry leading critical skills is areas such as steel, aluminum, foam, plastics and soft trim.

  • Highest retention of work force and customer knowledge.

  • Competitive domestic rates.

OEM Direct Connectivity

We have direct access to Ford, GM and Chrysler Teamcenter. We are able to support your new business development by facilitating data exchange with the OEM. Our team has extensive experience and expertise with any automotive OEM related CAD data requirement. In addition to Ford, GM, and FCA, we offer data exchange and expertise with Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and all European OEM manufacturers.

Here is a list of OEM manufacturers that we support:

  • Ford

  • GM

  • FCA

  • Nissan

  • Toyota

  • Honda

  • Tesla

  • Hyundai

  • BMW

  • VW

  • Audi

  • Porsche

  • Renault

  • Mercedes-Benz

CAD Designer Staffing

Unlike all other staffing firms, who operate on a search and provide model, IDEA Group stands alone as a provider of highly trained and certified CAD designers from a holding tank where designers are trained in-house for a minimum of 30 days prior to their assignment. Once the designers are at your facility, we provide them with functional project mentoring as needed in order to insure success and that they exceed your expectations. Each of our designers will operate effectively in both NX and v5. We provide short-term and long-term contract designers and contract designers for hire. Our billing rates are highly competitive in order to insure a successful and sustainable service. Break the cycle of inefficient CAD contingent labor support and contact us today to start taking advantage of our program. It could be the most value added decision you may make all year. To schedule a presentation showcasing our staffing capabilities, please contact us.



Here is a list of OEM manufacturers that we support:

  • Static / Dynamic analysis

  • Structural analysis (Linear & non-linear)

  • Drop test / Frequency / Vibration analysis

  • Thermal – Structural analysis, Durability analysis


SLA, SLS, FDM, Silicon Molding

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